This is a great opportunity to be of service and use your creativity. The steering committee is looking for someone to create & maintain a MEMORY BOOK. This book will include abridged obituaries of members who are deceased and will include a picture, sobriety date, mention of the meetings they attended and service positions they might have held. Also, put together and maintain a book of PAST & PRESENT NEWSLETTERS that folks can look through. When the DD has anniversaries, possibly create an ANNIVERSARY pamphlet as well. If interested, reach out to Joe, the Steering Committing Chairperson (joecrennen@yahoo.com) 303-761-9655.

Coronavirus (COVID-19):

The Dragons Den is open and the following guidelines that have been relaxed Colorado Department of Health continues to recommend social distancing and use of face masks for individuals who have not been vaccinated.

The Dragons Den Board of Directors and the Steering Committee requests that all meeting at the Den follow these guidelines:

  • Before starting a meeting the group chairperson will verify compliance with these meeting guidelines and be responsible for taking necessary action to assure continued compliance during the meeting.
  • Groups will adjust their meeting format to eliminate all direct personal contact between individuals.
  • Groups will insure that all meeting materials (coins, handouts, etc) are routinely sanitized.
  •  At the end of each meeting groups will ask each person before they leave to use a handy-wipe to sanitize the chair and table area where they sat for the next person.

Coffee Cups

In order to cut down on waste, we would like to encourage you to bring your own mug/coffee cup. This will help us reduce the use of single-use items.

Lending Library

If you have any extra recovery books lying around, why not donate them to the lending library. The library is located in the hallway between the upstairs meeting room and the kitchen. All newly donated books should be placed in the draw so they are properly labeled.

Looking for a recovery book, please feel free to use the Lending Library.